Miller Barn Logo Contest Winners

Woodbury High School Students Design T-Shirts to Help Save Historical Miller Barn

Miller Barn Logo Contest Winners

Woodbury High School students design t-shirts to help save historical Miller Barn


Woodbury High School students have been getting creative for a good cause. Several students joined forces to design a t-shirt that will be sold as part of a unique Woodbury Heritage Society fundraiser.

The fundraiser is being held to help save the historic Miller Barn in Woodbury, which local community members hope to refurbish into a learning center and community gathering place.

Dozens of t-shirts were sold at the Woodbury City 50th Celebration on March 25 as part of the fundraiser. The student designers were invited to the celebration, where they were presented with t-shirts and had the chance to meet members of the Woodbury Heritage Society.

Congratulations to the following students! (from left to right) Oisin Wachholz, Connor Shellenbach, Kateyln Nelson, Shawna Reagan and Haley Springman.

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