Goal of $78,500

Due to the immediate need, replacing the existing roof on the Miller Barn is the committee's first priority. The Miller Barn structure is vulnerable to deterioration from the elements and to potential demolition in the face of development of their surrounding property. It is imperative to preserve this barn and surrounding acreage as one of the cornerstone structures for the Woodbury Heritage Park. As are most, historical buildings are significant.

Funds in this phase also include monies required for printed materials to be dispersed to the community at large to promote the campaign.

Goal of $332,000

The development of Miller Barn Visitor Center, staffed by members of the Woodbury Heritage Society, other volunteers or paid staff educated in the history of Woodbury. The Center would be overseen and managed by a Woodbury Miller Barn Heritage Commission, a new non-profit organization that is established under the joint auspices of the Woodbury Heritage Society and the City of Woodbury's Parks and Recreation staff.

Donations to the Miller Barn
The Woodbury Heritage Society (WHS) is in partnership with the non-profit Woodbury Community Foundation (WCF). One of the roles of the WCF is to manage charitable donated funds for non-profit organizations such as the Woodbury Heritage Society monies received for the Save the Miller Barn project. The donation page reflects this.

Goal of $100,000

Establishing an endowment fund with the Woodbury Foundation. Endowments allow nonprofit organizations to prepare for future financial needs. An endowment is a specific type of financial vehicle for nonprofit organizations. These funds are restricted, which means only the interest created by the fund can be spent. The principal investments remain in the account to ensure the fund remains in place for the long term. Gifts for endowment funds would be from Woodbury residents and former resident families who are interested in helping preserve our heritage.