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The Miller Barn is an excellent example of the early barns of Woodbury. The vision of the Woodbury Heritage Society is to work with the City of Woodbury for an eventual multi-use of the barn, which is part of the Valley Creek Open Space.


The Miller Barn can be fully restored in a way that preserves the character of the original barn. The Miller Barn and the surrounding 100-acre site represent an opportunity for Woodbury to celebrate our community's heritage, to educate young and old on the history of those families and peoples who founded the community and to provide a popular event destination for the region -- a Valley Creek Park.

Woodbury Heritage Society
Board of Directors

Wayne Schilling, President
Joyce Flynn, Vice President
Rick Osborn, Treasurer
Carl James Anderson, Secretary
Sheila Raths Hause
Julien Renaud
Margaret Wachholz

Miller Barn Committee

Mike Adams, City of Woodbury Assistant Parks and Recreation Director
Dick Fields, Woodbury Heritage Society Board of Directors
Joyce Flynn, Woodbury Heritage Society Board of Directors
Roger Green, Woodbury Community Foundation, Vice-Chair
Julien Renaud, Woodbury Heritage Society Member
Wayne Schilling, Woodbury Heritage Society President
Bill Schrankler, Woodbury Heritage Society Vice-President
John Seemann, Woodbury Heritage Society Treasurer
Margaret Wachholz, Woodbury Heritage Society Board of Directors, Woodbury Community Foundation Director


Email: [email protected] | Phone: (651) 714-3564 | Mailing Address: Save The Miller Barn, 8301 Valley Creek Rd. Woodbury, Mn 55125